Whether you are a patient seeking a hands-on approach to healing, or a medical professional seeking a hands-on approach to education, Kinections Inc. offers a broad array of solutions to meet your needs.

Treatment Center (Patients)

The Kinections Inc. Treatment Center is comprised of an experienced and compassionate staff dedicated to giving our patients the best in therapeutic care. We meld our expertise and experience with our patients’ own insights to uncover the best route for their physical wellbeing.

Educational Institute (Practitioners)

The Kinections Inc. Educational Institute is a diverse group of functional Manual Therapy Practitioners, who strive to improve the health and wellbeing of their patients by utilizing current scientific research and applying it to clinical problem solving.Our philosophies are based on current and past research in order to provide a valid rationale as to why we think our treatment methods will be successful.Our goal is to teach the science of these therapeutic methods by accurately determining and assessing somatic dysfunctions and then applying specifically directed manual techniques.


Six years ago I broke my foot. The bone healed but I never fully recovered. Most days my pain was at a 7. A month before taking the Walk Cycle Class my knees started to fail me, resulting in my not being able to stand without crying of screaming. NSAIDS and 10 days of steroids did not help. Needless to say I was growing concerned with my future. After the first day of hands on treatment in class, my knees were somewhat better and I was able to go for a small hike. The second day of hands on treatment, my foot started to feel better but not good. That was a Sunday. By Friday all of my foot and Knee pain was GONE! For the first time in 6 years I can walk and sleep without worrying about my foot. I'm not on anything for the knees since the class. I knew the bones in my foot were no longer moving properly but many therapist and doctors could not seem to help me. Thank you Lino Cedros for coming to Missouri and teaching this class and changing my life! I am taking my rehab slow but honestly feel like I could go running. Sheri Rohrbach

I've known Lino for over 10 years now. As a trainer, I've sent countless clients his way when they get injured. As well as my own family when they are hurt. He is nothing short of amazing. He literally knows more about the body than anyone I've ever come into contact with. 1 1/2 years ago, I was hit by a car while running. Going to see a regular doctor was out of the question. I knew the only person who would help me get back to normal was Lino. I was back up and running 6 weeks later and was back to normal about 3 months after the accident. He helped me in every way possible. Guiding me on what I should do to help my brain recover, what I should do to physically recover and gave me homework between visits. I cannot recommend him enough! My only complaint is.... I wish he had a friends and family card that you'd accrue visits on as I've sent literally hundreds of people to him over the years. I'm beyond thankful to have him in my life.