What an incredible experience

I have had pain in my shoulder for over a year with general family Dr. diagnosing a rotator cuff injury. After a recommendation, I went to Mr. Lino who recognized and identified the problem to be a dislocated bicep tendon and fix my pain in less than 2 minutes. He also discussed the causes of this injury and communicated how to reduce the chance of this injuring this area going forward. I would have no problem referring Kinections Treatment Center. Thanks to Lino Cedros and staff. So awesome!

Best experience ever!

Lino just fixed my husbands shoulder! after 2 years and ready to have shoulder surgery. Thank you so so so much!!!!

Translation of the Vertebra

Thank you so much for the cervical class. The translation of the vertebra has really improved so many peoples neck. Thank you for all the study you do for a class!

Walk Cycle Class

Six years ago I broke my foot. The bone healed but I never fully recovered. Most days my pain was at a 7. A month before taking the Walk Cycle Class my knees started to fail me, resulting in my not being able to stand without crying of screaming. NSAIDS and 10 days of steroids did not help. Needless to say I was growing concerned with my future. After the first day of hands on treatment in class, my knees were somewhat better and I was able to go for a small hike. The second day of hands on treatment, my foot started to feel better but not good. That was a Sunday. By Friday all of my foot and Knee pain was GONE! For the first time in 6 years I can walk and sleep without worrying about my foot. I'm not on anything for the knees since the class. I knew the bones in my foot were no longer moving properly but many therapist and doctors could not seem to help me. Thank you Lino Cedros for coming to Missouri and teaching this class and changing my life! I am taking my rehab slow but honestly feel like I could go running. Sheri Rohrbach


I have been a client of Kinections and Lino Cedros for many years. Initially, when no doctors or other practitioners could relieve my symptoms, somebody in my gym suggested I try Kinections. I'd been suffering for three years so, admittedly, was rather skeptical. Lino went straight to the problem area and immediately I started to feel better. I saw him regularly after that until my symptoms were relieved. I now go to Lino periodically for a tune-up and to address any other issues that may come up. Lino is professional and knowledgeable and able to help me when nobody else could. I have referred many friends to him and all, without exception, have been helped. I highly recommend Lino Cedros and Kinections.

100% Fixed

It’s been a long while. Since January in fact, when after 10 years and 5 doctors you properly diagnosed my “patella tendinitis” as actually a locked right hip. I’m 100% fixed thanks to you. And that put me in a position to compete in and finish one of the most challenging foot races on earth; Tor des Geants, in the Italian Alps (220M). Words cannot adequately express my deep appreciation.  

Doctor’s looked at the symptom, Lino found the cause…

I am a LAPD Motorcycle Officer and have been with the Department since June of 1989. I have been a Motorcycle Officer since October of 1994. I thought I had a possible tear to the Rotator Cuff and Work Comp was wasting time and money looking at the symptom rather than the cause. After two months and only getting worse, my brother suggested Lino (KINECTIONS INC). Without knowing all of my pain issues, Lino, described every one of my symptoms, as if he was in my body feeling the pain himself. I drove from Los Angeles, and after one session that lasted less than 30 minutes, I could see a big improvement. I had been unable due to the excruciating pain to lay on my left side. Not only could I lay on it, I slept for several hours on it. I could not lay on my back without my head elevated without pain, but could do that as well. How much money would workman comp have saved? It cost me less than the MRI. If I feel this type of pain again, I will be on my way to Sacramento. Tim Kay, LAPD Motors.


I came to Lino at the suggestion of Justin Lau (YAY, Justin!!!) because I was beyond what Justin could help me with and Lino is his trainer. I came in July 2018. I was a mess. I had had a 'routine' gallbladder removal in 2013. Immediately after that surgery I was in intense pain. All core, in the right rib cage. I went to every doctor, had every test, and was even told it was in my head. I sought help on and off for over 4 plus years but to no avail. I was reduced to using a wheelchair if I wanted to walk anywhere beyond 100 yards. I could not do regular routine things around my home. Our life as a family was turned upside down. I chose not to take pain medication because I did not want to become an addict, and quite frankly, there was nothing to ease the pain as it was. Not even Advil. Nothing. I suffered, and suffered. It was awful. Finally, I decided to give sports medicine type doctors a try. I found Justin and went to him a few times and he found that I was indeed a mess. He then referred me to Lino. The minute I walked in Kinections Lino told me he knew exactly what was wrong with me! What????? Stanford couldn't figure it out. UCDavis couldn't figure it out. No meds worked. How did he know?????!!!! All he did was tell me to get on the table. He knew. Boy did he know. He pulled, pushed and every other thing that he does to work out the problem. If you have been to his office, you would know that my screams were added to the others in there. It's painful to have the treatment, but the results are amazing. I went twice in that week of July 15. On July 20, 2018 I was HEALED. I kissed that wheelchair goodbye. No more brace. No more long hours in my bed with a heating pad. I could get my life back!!!! I am forever grateful Lino. Truly.

Life Changer

I've known Lino for over 10 years now. As a trainer, I've sent countless clients his way when they get injured. As well as my own family when they are hurt. He is nothing short of amazing. He literally knows more about the body than anyone I've ever come into contact with. 1 1/2 years ago, I was hit by a car while running. Going to see a regular doctor was out of the question. I knew the only person who would help me get back to normal was Lino. I was back up and running 6 weeks later and was back to normal about 3 months after the accident. He helped me in every way possible. Guiding me on what I should do to help my brain recover, what I should do to physically recover and gave me homework between visits. I cannot recommend him enough! My only complaint is.... I wish he had a friends and family card that you'd accrue visits on as I've sent literally hundreds of people to him over the years. I'm beyond thankful to have him in my life.

Thank you!

I have been a regular patient of Lino's for 15 years. Playing for the Sacramento Monarchs in the WNBA, traveling all over the world with USA Basketball, and weekly transcontinental trips for my television duties, he has kept me in one piece. The ability to recover from the pounding my body takes on a daily basis is critical to my productivity. I know that Lino can fix anything and that gives me a lot of confidence. I also know he will tell me the truth always about when I need to back off or change my form in a particular area. His advice and methods have been as valuable to me in my professional career as any I've come across. Thank you Lino!